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Learn to identify common birds plus ideas for attracting backyard birds.

Flower Power: Learn parts of a flower.
Includes a fun craft idea.
Inside Seeds: Learn parts of a seed.
An active simulation to
teach about why some
animals may become endangered.
Practice making change using math story problems.  



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Why use audiobooks?
When children are very young they enjoy having a story read to them. I don't think this is something that one outgrows. Unfortunately, as children get older for some reading becomes a challenge. Students who struggle with reading often give up on it entirely. Using audiobooks in the classroom in one way to keep students engaged and interested in books. 
Here are some of the advantages of using audiobooks.
• They provide access to new vocabulary, a key to success in reading.
• Students will hear fluent reading.
• Students get access to books they are unable to read for themselves because the book is above their reading level or a paper copy is unavailable.
• Listening to audiobooks can create opportunities for discussing stories in order to better comprehend them. This is especially helpful if the student is a part of a Literature Circle or Book Club during which the book is discussed. It allows the student to be involved in the discussions because they will be familiar with the story.
• Listening supports struggling readers by helping them focus on meaning rather than the decoding of text. Again, important for Literature Circle participation.
• Listening to a book creates interest in the story which will  foster a love of literature and reading.
Ideas for Classroom Teachers
Here are some examples of how teachers can use audiobooks as tools in the classroom:

: Audiobooks can be used in reading centers, where children are invited to listen to their favorite stories while they follow along with a copy of the book. Listening to audiobooks provides students with models of fluent reading.

: The whole class can listen to a selection together. This sharing of ideas deepens readers’ interpretations and develops their ability to comprehend and analyze literature.

: Children of varying reading abilities often want to read the same book together and discuss it in a book club. Many struggling readers would be left behind without some support for their independent reading of stories. Audiobooks help readers understand the text and discuss the book with classmates. Audiobooks  allow struggling readers the opportunity to participate in discussions.
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What you will need:
-MP3 Player (Small, inexpensive players with only 2-4GB can hold several audiobooks)
-Ear buds or  Headphones (Having students provide their own is preferable.)
Best Buy or other retailers sell players for as little as $20.
Where to get audiobooks:
-Online stores such as offer memberships at reasonable rates.
-Many public libraries have books on tape or CD as well as audio downloads.
You may also want to consider having your students record their own audiobooks. Strong readers can record audiobooks for struggling or younger readers. Most MP3 players have a recording feature that would make this convenient.

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