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Great Resources for
Summer School!

Learn to identify common birds plus ideas for attracting backyard birds.

Flower Power: Learn parts of a flower.
Includes a fun craft idea.
Inside Seeds: Learn parts of a seed.
An active simulation to
teach about why some
animals may become endangered.
Practice making change using math story problems.  



Writing Resources
Peek Over Books for K-1
These Peek-Over Books are PowerPoint templates. Have students should right click and "Save Target As" and save the file. Open the file from you directory and then click and drag over the text to type the story. On the second slide, use Word Art for the Title of your Peek-Over Book. Print and cut out. Cut slits under the hands/paws and fold the bottom of your story up to the the top and tuck it under the hands where you've cut the two slits.
Mini Book Templates 
Writing Units
Persuasive Writing Unit Resources
Fractured Fairy Tales (Gr 4-6)-Lesson plans for teaching students how to create fractured fairy tales while infusing humor into their writing.
Editing Practice
Proof Reading Practice (Gr. 4-6)- Fifteen SMART Notebook files with quick, one sentence proofreading exercises in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. These are great for warm ups or bell work.


Great Resources
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