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Learn to identify common birds plus ideas for attracting backyard birds.

Flower Power: Learn parts of a flower.
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Practice making change using math story problems.  



What Does Reading Workshop Look Like

Reading Workshop is the organizational structure for reading instruction.  It is a block of about 90-120 minutes for daily instruction. During Reading Workshop students move through learning stations while providing the opportunity for teachers to meet with small groups of students to work on the skills for which they need support. The main focus is to differentiate or personalize instruction in order to accommodate the learning needs of all students.

Reading Workshop includes:
• a focused mini-lessons with the whole class about reading process, skills, or strategies (such as reading strategies, comprehension strategies, word work strategies)
• Students independently reading and the teacher conferencing with individuals
• Teacher instructing small groups
• Students reflecting upon and responding to their reading orally and in writing
• Students working on assignments relative to the mini-lessons
• Whole group sharing time and/or peer conferences
Reading Workshop will look different in each classroom but here is an example format:
10-15 Minutes
Mini Lesson
5-10 Minutes
Read Aloud Teacher uses this time models ideas presented in mini lesson as he/she reads aloud.
30-60 Minutes
Typically, students would participate in 2-3 workshop sessions each day of workshop.
Students would not participate in all of the sessions at the right each day of workshop.These session could be chosen by student or scheduled by the teacher or students would rotate through them each week..
Workshop Sessions:
Guided Reading
Independent Reading Model Video /Conferring-Model Video
Response and Reflection (Journal)
Word Study Work
Independent Practice based on Mini Lesson
5 Minutes
Wrap Up and Sharing

Getting Reading Workshop Underway

The first several lessons in Reading Workshop should be to have students help establish agreed upon guidelines. It's important that students are involved in this so that they will feel a sense of ownership which will help make your workshop run smoothly. Create a visual of these guidelines to be posted in your classroom as a reminder to students.
In the early stages of developing your Reading Workshop it is important to help students develop the needed independence and stamina for your workshop to run smoothly. If students don't have experience with this format you can't expect them to just jump right into the schedule above. For the first couple of weeks it would be best to shorten the workshop sessions and bring the class together 2-3 times during the literacy block for a reinforcement of the mini lesson presented.

Reading Workshop Mini Lessons-Ideas and Printable Resources

I've started putting together some resources I use for Mini Lessons. Take a look. 

Reading Workshop Resources On The Web

The best resource I've found to help you establish a successful Reading Workshop is Power Reading Workshop by Laura Candler. This is a step by step guide to Reading Workshop.  Below are some other very good resources to help you with your Reading Workshop.
Reading Workshop Resources on the Web
Laura Candler Huge number of resources for Reading Workshop. Free printable materials. A very useful resource!
Rick's Reading Workshop Overview Video- Video clip from Teaching Channel that give's one teacher's overview of what his Reading Workshop looks like. Excellent lesson and unit plans which includes printables. There are also great online interactive tools that can be used in both reading and writing instruction.
Reading Mini Lesson This wiki has a collection of mini lessons ready for download. More contributions will be made to this wiki so check back often for updates.
Reading Workshop in Room 10 Mini lessons to help you organize and teach reading workshop.Free printable handouts and poster. I especially like the genre posters.
Reading Lady Many resources for reading and writing workshop.
Jennifer Meyers Readers and Writers Workshop Short videos that model reading and writing workshop.
Reading Rockets- Great site for information and resources
Florida Center for Reading Research- Look for the Student Center links on the right sidebar. Excellent activities for reading and word study. Especially useful for use with RtI students. One of my favorites!
S&T Publications, LLC I LOVE these novel units. They come with mini-lessons which focus on reading and writing skills.

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