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Learn to identify common birds plus ideas for attracting backyard birds.

Flower Power: Learn parts of a flower.
Includes a fun craft idea.
Inside Seeds: Learn parts of a seed.
An active simulation to
teach about why some
animals may become endangered.
Practice making change using math story problems.  



Teaching 21st Century Learners

Today, even elementary students have cellphones, iPods, iPads, netbooks, or laptop computers. As technology becomes more a part of popular culture, many teachers are looking for ways to use technology in meaningful ways in their classrooms. Helping student develop digital literacy will provide them the tools they will need to succeed in not their personal lives as well as the workforce of the future. After all, isn't that our goal as educators? There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom.
Students will be motivated and engaged.
  • Students are generally motivated when it comes to using technology. This motivation will cause them to be more engaged in learning. Technology can be used to reinforce independent work. There are also many collaborative tools that can help students develop their team work skills.

 Helps prepare students for future careers.

  • Many careers require an understanding and use of technology. Many sources tell us that we are preparing our students for careers of the future that don't even exist yet. These careers are like to involve technology. Developing technology skills will help our students become more marketable in the workplace of the future.

Allows for greater differentiation in the classroom.

  • Technology in the classroom provides the teacher a greater ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student in every lesson. Just as every student grows and develops at different rates, they learn in different ways and at different speeds. Technology makes it possible for teachers to focus lessons appropriately for each student’s learning level and learning style.

With restrictions in school budgets it's often the technology budget that ends up seeing cuts. Take a look at my Family Technology Shopper page to find products that should fit a tight budget.

Technology Tools For Teachers

Here are some links to great websites with technology tools for teachers.
A wide variety of tools that will save teachers time and make planning, delivering instruction, and assessing  easier.
Very complete list of many online tools to use with students.


Technology Resources
This is a must read for teachers and parents with children under 13 years of age.
Creative Minds of 21st Century Librarians: a publication from The Center for Digital Literacy includes ideas and lessons to help teachers  integrate technology into their  curriculum.
CyberSmart Curriculum Lessons by grade level to teach technology literacy and Internet safety.
Web 2.0 Tools Teacher register students for the creation of books that can be created online and made into soft cover books. Have at least 10 students complete books and they are free.
Wikispaces-For Educators Teachers create accounts for students and monitor their creation of class wikis. No passwords are needed.
Donor's Choose :Teachers can register and promote a project and  may receive donations that will help their digital classroom dream come true.
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