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Learn to identify common birds plus ideas for attracting backyard birds.

Flower Power: Learn parts of a flower.
Includes a fun craft idea.
Inside Seeds: Learn parts of a seed.
An active simulation to
teach about why some
animals may become endangered.
Practice making change using math story problems.  



 What is Word Study?
Word Study is more than just spelling. In Word Study students also develop vocabulary skills and learn to use words correctly in their writing and speech. Words Their Way is a program that provides word lists printed on small cards, called word sorts. Students move through weekly word study patterns and activities. Students' lists are based on a word study pattern (example – all long a words, words with CH, CVCe words, or vowels in multi-syllable words). As students progress, their word sorts may be based on similar affixes or derivations. The advantage of using these word sorts is that they can be cut apart and manipulated into groups based on patterns that are taught by the teacher. Students can also create their own groupings for the word list.
How Does Word Study Work?
After determining where each student is in their spelling development the teacher can group students based on those levels. At the beginning of a Word Study unit the teacher introduces the word sort and guides the students toward discovering the patterns that the words have in common. Throughout the week students engage in a variety of Word Study tasks and activities to reinforce spelling as well as word meaning and usage. Assessments can be given at the end of the unit as a traditional spelling test or through writing samples the students completes throughout the unit.
 Click here to see a suggested weekly routine for word study.

Printable Resources for Word Study
Technology and Online Resources
Spelling City- students can set up their own spelling lists or work with a list that the teacher has created using a free account. There are a variety of activities and games that will help student practice spelling. 
Word Study Activites A list of many online activities. There are some activities for every grade level here.
ELL Tool Box (Words Their Way Resource)
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